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I’m a self confessed SEO data geek! I just love it.  I love it when I can show a client exactly how to beat their competitors on search engines. I love it when a client tells me that SEO is not important to them and I find that organic traffic represents 75% of their top conversions and I love being able to train our clients on SEO as I work through the process.

This week I coined a new SEO phrase.  Before the big reveal let me provide a little background.  Whilst SEO has very strong correlation with high rankings on search engines, ranking is not the only important factor.   Let’s take a look…

  1. Find relevant keywords  There are the keywords that your potential clients are searching for and the keywords that your successful competitors are already working hard to obtain.
  2. Research the potential traffic for your keywords. Once you have the data for traffic you can assess the potential value, cross referencing this with your own business model and product/services hierarchy.
  3. I will skimp on the discussions of the creating and implementing a great SEO strategy (this is a series of posts!)
  4. Track your keywords.  So important! (A potential client asked me to migrate a list of keywords that they believed to be important. On analysis of this business I found that for at least 50% of the keywords that they were not in the top 100 results).
  5. For many SEO companies ranking is the Holy Grail but for us it’s just the start of the story.  Your ranking is worth nothing at all if it does not compel people to click through to your business’s website.  So often missed, but by tweaking your page titles, description and content you can influence your Google listing and make it stand out from your competitors.
  6. Consider the user journey.  Think about the keywords that your visitor has just typed and the page that they have landed on – does it make sense?  Will they know what to do next?
  7. Finally – conversion.  The actual Holy Grail (as far as SEO goes – it’s just the start of the story for your sales team!).  Your website must be capable of conversion and you should track these in your analytics.

So that’s the 7 important steps for SEO, would you like to hear my newly coined phrase now?

drum roll…

Rankings are vanity, Conversions are sanity

Nifty hey?

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