I hope that you have all enjoyed a busy half-term? 2015 has been busy for b:web, we have grown the team to 10 with our latest recruit accepting our role of Junior Web Developer just last week and our new Plymouth studio is just days away from opening.

Our first eCommerce project of the year is a complete redesign and build for Lawsons and I am really happy to share some of our work to date.  We’re currently working through my favourite stage of any eCommece build – planning: content structure, user journey, layout that proceed the lovely shiny visuals.

Lawsons have been established for 111 years, retail from 4 separate locations, stock 1000’s of home essentials and pride themselves on excellent customer services. It’s these key elements that we have brought though to the website as their USP’s and to instil reassurance for browsing potential customers.  Lawsons are also introducing a free click and collect feature for local shopper which requires heaving promotion throughout the website. Lawsons have recently recruited a marketing guru to launch a new and more clearly defined social media and content strategy which will also be integrated heavily within the website. We’re striving to make this website easy to use and helpful and super helpful.  Lets look at the page layouts so far (not shinny designs just yet – just the wireframes).

Home Page
magento development

As part of the Lawsons communication strategy it was important to feature contact details clearly, so they have been included within the header and the footer on every page.  We’ve understood their customer base and made the search bar slightly larger than usual as we know it will be used and near to the search bar we have included a help prompt  It was also important to convey the key values of Lawsons heritage and specialist expertise in all departments, again this has been done through constant visual affirmations within the footer of each page.

Category Page 
magento website design

We have discussed highlighting each main category with it’s own colour indicator which will form the colour palette for each section. Each of the rotating hero images is tailored to that department, highlighting offers, lifestyle imagery or links to blog posts that are appropriate for that department.  Reaffirmation of Lawsons key values are also generated on each category page with ‘Free Click & Collect’, ‘Inspirational Blog Posts’ and ‘Need Help’ graphics.

Product Page
magento eCommerce

Product pages are one of the most important pages on any eCommerce website and each and everyone we’ve ever designed has been different, pulling at the USP’s of the individual business and focusing on the individual needs of the customer. There is a lot of important information to display and we wanted to avoid over using tabs to hide/display content.  By splitting the page essential into two halves the sections can grow and shrink whilst the user can easily scan and find any information they require.

The product page benefits features such as ‘Lawsons Star Review’ as well as the ability for customers to share and recommend the product via social media and email, and having a ‘Add to Wishlist’ function means the customers experience becomes hassle free through the bookmarking of the product, they don’t have track down their product from scratch, increasing the likelihood that they’ll return to purchase.  Customers can also leave reviews and read previous product reviews. ‘You may also like’ feature also encourages add-on sales.

View all of our initial wireframes in full size below.

  1. Home Page
  2. Category Page
  3. Product List Page
  4. Product Page
  5. Add to Cart Hover over
  6. Basket Page
  7. Checkout Page
  8. Mega Menu Hover over


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