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Engage Customer help employers from all types of business better engage employees in the work place, they provide webinars, forums and summits to present valuable information and programs. In turn this helps boost interaction with customers, increase profitability and boost performance.

The project goal was to provide Engage Customer with a better online experience for their B2B website visitors and potential clients. bweb were comissioned to design and build a better user experience for both delegates and sponsors as well as providing a cleaner more informative approach to the media section.

The Engage content is very complex website so we started with a workshop to establish a clear content plan and website wireframe.  The website consists of a busy news feed, frequent events, extensive keen bloggers and many portals of information.

In order to immediately give the user the new, current and fresh information the home page has been set up as a news feed. The news articles have been sectioned into categories using the engage colours to enable the client to easily follow the information relevant to them.

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The engage website does not follow a standard trend, pattern or structure each section has been individually designed to create a user friendly journey and seamless experience in order to effectively engage the client with the content from that section. The engage customer team run summits and forums throughout the year, each event has it’s own branding and identity, in which we have replicated within the website. The event pages are set up as micro sites within the main website, they have a totally different look and feel to them, we used wide images, videos and scrolling pages to create excitement and energy around the upcoming event. We also had to make sure the event pages were adaptable, each event would grow in the build up to the launch date so the design needed to be easily editable yet strong enough to lead the content.

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Creating the Engage website has been an interesting and informative experience. The website is now live and showcasing to the world across all mobile devices!  Take a look here www.engagecustomer.com


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