Small Business Websites

Small businesses often struggle when it comes to web design due to lack of experience, lack of time (we know you are busy!) and/or lack of budget. Every web design agency seems to speak a different language and the budgets/proposals offered are not easy to compare. You may be tempted to go down the DIY route or to set up a template website, this is likely to be time-consuming and could be a costly mistake.

b:web has produced a new web design system that we call b:Modular. b:Modular is a collection of web design modules that can be easily combined to create all of the web pages required for your website. Your b:Modular web design will be completely bespoke to you and will include many of the features of our bespoke web design builds. You won’t need to spend hours and hours designing your own website as the b:web design team still do the heavy lifting and will provide full web design project management services.


Revolutionary Web Design

b:Modular is a revolutionary web design solution created by the experts at  b:web, which completely simplifies the web design and development process without any compromise in design or functionality.

We have created our b:Modular system to deliver a bespoke web design and advanced web development functionality to meet your exact business needs without the huge price tag. b:Modular is a small business website design solution that is very quick to design and build. Our b:Modular web design process focuses on the core features that add value to your business, without sacrificing design and functionality.

b:Modular web design solutions are suitable for startups, small business and for small brochure websites.



b:Modular web design

b:Modular websites come complete with all the sections and layouts that you could need for your business website. b:Modular is incredibly easy to use, allowing you to create unlimited pages, additional sections, or more functionality at the click of a button. There are thousands of possible combinations of the web layouts which you simply drag and drop onto the page – all perfectly themed to your branding.

b:Modular websites are easy to manage and super customer-friendly.  Our small business website design projects require a fraction of the investment of our bespoke/larger projects and can be turned around in just a couple of weeks!

b:Modular websites can include: MailChimp, Google Analytics, Email forms, Google Maps, full eCommerce capability, Testimonials, Blogs and much more.


Visit our Small Business Web Design site! is our small business website division. We have used every ounce of our “big brand” experience to deliver handcrafted, high quality and functionality packed web design solutions, all especially tailored for your small business at a fraction of the cost.

Visit – the website dedicated to our small business web design services…