SEO vs Website Optimisation

If you are changing your website purely for search engines and not to improve your user’s experience, you’re missing a trick!

We’re not fans of standard SEO (search engine optimisation) anymore. It’s a dated and clinical process because it’s purely focused on how search engines work and not on what’s best for your visitors.

We prefer to think in terms of CWO – Continuous Website Optimisation. The idea is to increase relevant traffic to your website by improving its content for visitors AND for search engines. 


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Optimising your website should be an inspiring, creative process and not just automation, statistics and algorithms. It’s really about you being clear on what you offer, who you offer it to, and what motivates them. Using this information you can plan your website content and your user’s journey through it with confidence.


Continuous Website Optimisation is completely personalised to you, your business and your customers. CWO training is perfect for passionate business owners who really want to build their online effectiveness and are prepared to take some time to make that happen (CWO is not rocket science but it does take some time to do it right). Optimising your website with CWO can provide a much better return on your investment than using SEO alone. 

Who exactly are your customers?

We devote time to discovering who your customers really are, where they come from, how they find you, and the key reasons why they choose to buy from you or from your competitors.

How do your customers perceive you?

Get some clarity about how your products and services are perceived by customers using social media and search engine research. Find out what can be done to improve those perceptions and develop a strategy to implement the changes.

Improve your online IQ

Do in-depth analysis to discover the optimal ways to operate your online business. Look at how technology and process changes will affect you and what the future is likely to hold for your market sector. Then put all of that together in a plan to manage and develop your online business going forward. By implementing CWO yourself you will always have your finger on the pulse of your competitors' and customers' online activity.

A user journey that improves sales

Develop a clear user journey through your website to increase your sales/conversions. Design a better site-map, improve your content, create better calls-to-action, and streamline navigation to enhance your customer's experience and make their journey through your site a more rewarding experience for them and for you.

Improve rankings with SEO

We still need to do the core search engine optimisation - researching, tracking, and incorporating keywords etc - but it is now just a small part of a much larger overall CWO strategy. The easier you are to find on Google the more likely your website is to be visited and the higher your sales are going to be. You'll learn how best to improve your website's rankings using tried and trusted SEO techniques that you can implement yourself.

Value compared to SEO

How it works.

CWO is delivered by our MD Zoe Ashby and will be completely tailored to your business.

Once we have completed all of our research and analysis of your business, your CWO can begin.


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