Cubic Interactive is a growing independent software company with over 10 years’ experience based in Surbiton, providing innovative project management solutions to architects, engineers and the construction industry (AEC)

Rapport3, their lead product, was developed specifically for the professional services sector within the construction industry, by people who have worked in the industry and understand its needs. In recent years, they have expanded there client base to include other fee-based businesses such as design and animation studios.

They approached b:web with two main issues:  Firstly their product Rapport3 had become so big and well-known that  it required a brand identity all of it’s own and shift focus of the website on the actual software and away from the company behind it.  And secondly the website was dated, lots of text, and not so many images.

We will talk further about the brand identity and logo development in a separate post, but here I wanted to show you the designs.

The project goal was to create a fresh professional scalable website that would attract and engage visitors to give the best chance of turning them into an enquiry. The new website is fully content managed and most importantly it’s responsive and scales right down to mobile.  In the background SEO is really important and we have an ongoing content strategy in place which will further improve content over the coming months.  You can check out the website here and I have included some images below also.





We love it and our Cubic Interactive are thrilled.

“Our main goal was to create an identity for Rapport3, based on and remaining in line with the existing branding for Cubic Interactive. Bweb have completely redesigned our layout and reflected these changes into a much more visually appealing site. The Rapport3 site is clean, uncluttered and fluid, it is easier to navigate, fresh and professional. We wanted a user-friendly experience for our visitors and this has certainly been achieved”

– Daniel LoGiudice Director at Cubic Interactive.

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