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Once your shiny new web design has launched, our digital marketing team can implement creative and powerful digital marketing campaigns. Your website requires relevant traffic and this can come from a variety of channels including social media, marketing emails, PPC and SEO. We will work with you to decide on your marketing mix and to create a variety of campaigns across all channels in line with your marketing strategy. Crucially we also ensure that your website is ready to receive traffic and is optimised for conversion. Our web design team implements a program of continuous website improvements using a data-driven approach that helps us to determine what website updates should be implemented. We test and evaluate our updates, providing you with a website design that is constantly improving and working harder for you. Our approach to digital marketing is about much more than campaigns, it’s about the growth of your business as a whole.

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Conversion Optimisation

By measuring and analysing user interactions we can make continued improvements working towards optimal conversion.

Investing in conversion optimisation ensures a higher return on investment in all marketing activities as the opportunity for sales and lead generation is maximised.

We look at how users found you, their journeys through the website, and track them right through to conversion and/or discover where in the process they dropped out. This ensures that we can make changes to areas that need improvement based on data-driven decisions. We provide small and frequent changes that can be tested and measured.


Growth-Driven Web Design

We integrate our digital marketing efforts directly with our web designs through landing pages, original content, calls to action, conversion analysis and tracking.

At b:web, we work with you on your brand’s voice and use social, email and content marketing to send relevant engaging messages to your target market.

We combine your marketing mix with web design and web development to create continued website improvement. Our data-driven approach ensures that the quality of your traffic continues to improve along with the functionality of your website.





Not sure what you are buying when outsourcing SEO? We get that, we really do. So before you sign up to one of our services, we’ll ensure that you understand exactly what we will be doing with your website and how we plan to maintain or improve your online reputation. Our point of difference is that our SEO campaigns are totally transparent – you will see exactly what we are doing and we tell you why we are taking those particular actions.

SEO is much more than just keywords, it’s about increasing the visibility of your brand, products and services online.

All of our work is bespoke and you will receive personalised, hand-prepared SEO reports, along with insights and valuable recommendations. We combine our SEO efforts with continuous website improvements, which means that your website conversions increase alongside our targeted SEO campaigns.


email marketing

We provide beautiful email campaigns designed using the right technology at the right time and employing the most effective calls to action.

Your email campaign can be up-and-running very quickly. We will import your database, create and build bespoke email templates, integrate with your website and assess the results.

We know the value to a business of bringing customers back to their website with a well-executed email campaign and everything we do is geared towards that, or your stated targets.


Social Media Marketing

Social media is involved in much of the day-to-day of running a modern business. It’s not only a means to generate new leads, but also to nurture loyal fans and to provide high levels of customer service. We will create a bespoke content strategy that can be executed across all relevant social media channels with a clear goal in mind. We’ll run your social media campaigns, with the aim of keeping engagement levels high, and analyse the results to ensure we maximise your return on investment (ROI).

b:web are nimble because we implement our own marketing strategies without reliance on any third parties. We’re a dedicated marketing team working closely with a dedicated design & web development team.



PPC can be highly effective providing you are placing your efforts and expenditure in the right place. PPC becomes much more effective when you have a team of website developers that understand your website and are available to create campaign-specific landing pages.

We generate insights that help to increase conversions rates by using heat mapping and split-testing for the very best possible results.

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