Digital Marketing Strategy

Would you like to understand how to make the most of your online presence?

Digital Marketing covers a wide number of channels including: social media, email and paid advertising. With all your competitors available to your customers at the click of a mouse it’s more important than ever to cut through the noise. Social media is much more than a marketing channel and can become an extension of your customer services and after sales care.

You will receive a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy providing clear guidance of how to make the most of your resources.


1. Digital Marketing Audit

Where have you been directing your marketing efforts previously and what results have you achieved?

We will run through our in depth Marketing Questionnaire and create a complete picture of your business, your customers, your strengths, your weaknesses and your plans for the future. We will take the time to understand what marketing activities you have tried and what has worked.

In addition we will audit your previous social media activities, email campaigns and paid advertising campaigns.


2. Competitor and Market Research

There will always be competitors that seem to breeze through difficult times as technology advances. But how do they do it? What exactly are they doing to win your potential customers?

We’ll take a look at your competition, analyse their strengths and weaknesses and turn these into specific opportunities for your business.


3. Social Media Strategy

We will provide you with insights as to how you can leverage social media to reach your customers.

We’ll help you to decide which platforms will achieve the most for you and how they can be integrated into your every day business activities. We will create a plan that allow for content to be reused and that fits alongside your every day business activities.

You’ll receive a high level strategy and also details like the topics, branding and tone of voice that you can use to engage your potential customers.


4. Website Improvements

Your website is the hub that needs to tie together all of your digital marketing activities and campaigns.

We will track your customers  journey from their very first point of contact and fine tune a funnel that will meet the campaign goals.  We will look at landing pages, heat maps and analytic data to provide data drive insights into what is and isn’t working.

You’ll receive a strategy for you business that brings your email, social and paid advertising campaigns to a website geared to generate leads.



You will receive

  1. Onboarding telephone/skype call to provide your brief and to ask any questions
  2. A written marketing brief to clarify project goals and outcomes.
  3. Marketing checklist to show what is and isn’t working and exactly need to be done.
  4. Sample assets to illustrate the direction for your content.
  5. Branding for your social media channels.
  6. An actionable Digital Marketing Strategy clearly laid out in plain English.
  7. 1-2 hour telephone/skype training call to clarify outcomes.
  8. 3 months email support to you assist with the implementation.

Your investment

Option 1
Digital Marketing Strategy

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b:prepared - FAQ's

I am the owner of my business and not technical. Will these audits work for me? All of our b:prepared packages have been devised specifically for owner managed or small businesses. We provide all assets, strategy and the required training and support directly to you the owner or to one of your trusted team members.

Why aren’t these b:prepared reports and audits FREE? Just like you, we receive almost daily spam seemingly to offer free SEO and website audits. However, nothing is ever free and the low costs options are usually automated or systemised allowing low skilled individuals to provide low value insights. Our reports are created manually, in-house, by our experienced team and usually delivered by Zoe, our Managing Director. Our insights will be valuable to your business growth.

Do you offer anything for FREE? Yes! Our website clients are able to book a Website Functionality Audit completely free of charge every 12 months should they wish. For new clients we offer complimentary website consultations when discussing a brief for a new project.


I am a b:web customer. Do I receive a discount? Of course you do! We will happily provide you with a 10% discount. Just contact us to book.

I am a b:web customer. Do I need the b:prepared services? If your website is under 12/18 months old and was developed by the b:web team, you are unlikely to require a Website Audit and should instead consider the SEO Strategy only package. The Digital Marketing Strategy would be beneficial and you may book the Website Functionality Audit completely free of charge.

How long will the work take? The overall time will depend on your website setup and your availability for the on-boarding and training sessions. In some circumstances we might have to setup analytical tools and collate data. Most projects will be completed within 4 weeks and some a lot quicker.

Will you just be providing me with a quote for further work? In many circumstances our clients do ask us to undertake the work outlined in the action plan and we would be happy to provide you with a quotation. However, we do also have clients who have time to work through the list with our support. All of our clients have benefited immensely from our b:prepared services as they provide valuable insights. You will receive training and 3 months email support.

My website is WordPress, is that OK? Yes, that’s ideal! We love working with WordPress websites. If you don’t have a WordPress website please contact us for a quotation before booking.

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