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The b:web design team have a real soft spot for a good eCommerce business. We have worked with startups and also big brands like Jamie Oliver and Snow and Rock. eCommerce websites are a particularly specialised type of website. On the one hand, eCommerce sites need to be easy on the eye and really simple to use, and on the other, they need to be technically robust and incredibly secure. It’s this balance of design and technology with commercial savvy that makes eCommerce web design a particularly interesting and challenging undertaking. When we are designing our eCommerce websites, we are really engineering an entire business and have to think about the sales funnel from initial contact right through to conversion and beyond.

We have run two eCommerce business ourselves and manage several eCommerce businesses on behalf of clients, so we have extensive experience in managing and operating sites as well as building them!

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eCommerce web design

b:web has been building eCommerce websites since 2004. Our clients are a mixture of manufacturers, brands, wholesalers, and online retailers offering both Business to Business (B2B), and Business to Consumer (B2C) selling platforms. We have developed eCommerce websites for national and international retailers, but the bulk of our business tends to be with small businesses.

Our difference is that we are not just designers or just developers, we are truly passionate about reaching goals, conversions, and transactions.  Many of our eCommerce clients are ongoing marketing clients, which means we absolutely know what does and doesn’t work.

We don’t just build eCommerce websites, we build eCommerce businesses. Our eCommerce web designs are carefully fine-tuned using analytics and our own growth-driven web design process.

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eCommerce web Platforms

b:web has worked with many platforms including Magento. As Magento developers, we know the platform inside out and have developed our own in-house plugins to provide extended functionality. Our eCommerce clients are currently turning over in excess of £50 million.

In recent years, as WordPress has become more dominant in the marketplace, we have found a huge increase in requests for WooCommerce solutions which are much simpler to administrate than many of the other systems available.

In addition, we have created bespoke transactional web designs for membership sites, lottery sites, and web applications. Our developers are huge fans of Stripe, which we often use for our bespoke transactional website solutions.


Web design Experience

We have run two eCommerce businesses of our own for several years and are currently owners of

eCommerce websites are so specialised because they are made up of so many moving parts, which all need to come together perfectly in order to create the ideal user experience. Our team of digital expertsare not just creating attractive designs, we are also running marketing, brand management, and online customer service applications for many of our eCommerce clients.

We specialise in a growth-driven design model, which includes a programme of continuous improvements to the website based on a data-driven approach, so the launch of your eCommerce website truly is just the start of the journey.

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The b:web team of digital experts will develop a fully functional website that will deliver your KPI’s and goals – guaranteed

Your current website will be analysed to provide an in-depth overview of what is and isn’t working. We’ll use this data throughout the design process to take out all of the guesswork in deciding what might or might not work.

We’re also going to stick around after your website is live. We will track visitor behavior on your new website using heat mapping software and advanced SEO. The data is analysed and the website then adjusted accordingly in order to maximise results. We will also check that the SEO migration has been successful and create a strategy for increasing traffic.

Our data-driven approach provides you with the peace of mind that your new website has been proven to work.


eCommerce website migration

Does the thought of migrating your eCommerce products over to a new platform sound like too much hard work? Are you unsure about how best to maintain your rankings on Google? You could have 1000’s of products, images, blog posts, and testimonials to move over as well as many man-hours of SEO work required to ensure it all works optimally. All this needs to be taken into account when your data is being transferred to your new eCommerce website.

b:web offers a full SEO migration package which has been tried and tested over the years and has worked on websites with a small number of keywords and pages, right up to vast websites with thousands of products. In addition, we have plenty of experience in migrating eCommerce sites to and from Magento, WooCommerce and bespoke database systems. We usually develop a bespoke script that will port over everything that you need, direct from your database to the new site.

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