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If your website’s Analytics shows that mobile users aren’t converting to sale on your website, you may not want to pay the same amount per-click for mobile users as desktop users via Google Adwords. Similarly, if your mobile users are converting better, then you may prefer to bid more for them. Here we show you how to edit mobile bids for your Adwords and Shopping campaigns.

In our recent blog: Is Your Website Performing Well on Mobile? we show you how to see whether your website is performing well on mobile. By running the tests highlighted in that blog post, you can see how to measure the success of your website on mobile.

If your mobile visitors are not converting as well as your desktop visitors, you can edit the bids for mobile users. To do this, first open your Google Adwords account.

  • Click on the Campaign you would like to edit
  • On the top row of tabs, click on ‘Settings’
  • In the Settings page, in the second row of tabs click ‘Devices’
  • Here you will see the list of devices, these are mobile devices with full browsers, computers and tablets with full browsers.
  • In the column ‘Big adj.’, in the Mobile Devices row, you will be able to edit the bids up or down for mobile users.

This is the percentage change for bids on clicks that are made by users on mobile. So if your advert or Google Shopping listing is set to £1 per click and you set a bid adjustment of -50% for mobile, you will pay £0.50 maximum for mobile clicks. If you set it as +20% you will pay £1.20 for mobile users.

Be sure to take note of any changes you make so you can measure whether you are improving your conversion rates.

Adwords Management at b:web

Managing your business’ Google Adwords accounts can be tricky, so at b:web we work with a number of businesses, making sure their paid search and Google Shopping campaigns are successful. If you would like us to manage your advertising, please contact us.

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