Yesterday I posted about the recent announcement from Google regarding the pending mobile search update.  I wanted to follow up today with some more information based upon the questions and feedback that we have received so far.

Firstly I wanted to remind all of our customers that 90% of you have bespoke website solutions.  We have specialised in bespoke web design for 11 years and each and every website that we produce is designed from the ground up and written by hand.  We may use off-the-shelf CMS solutions and sometimes rely on plug-ins but the reason our clients have chosen b:web is because we can provide completely bespoke solutions all wrapped up with our many many years of experience.  When a website is built and designed as a bespoke solution it takes longer to make changes, all of our customers have different requirements and therefore your solutions are all different as would be your mobile solutions. Adding a mobile solution to your website is not a simple plug-in or copy/paste job – it too needs to be hand crafted, planned, coded and tested – which can take many days (or weeks!) depending on the size of your website.

We also have customers that have assumed that their website would pass the Google test because they are less than 2 or 3 years old, but this is definitely not the case.  Unless we spoke about a separate mobile theme and you opted to invest in one – then you won’t have one.  Only the websites that we have built in the 9 or so months have mobile or responsive as standard (reminder here – that this means we raised our prices to accommodate the extra work and not that we started to add in this complex functionality for free).

We have been offering mobile solutions for many years, and this really is just the final stage of the inevitable process – Google are now insisting on mobile as a standard.  I have included a really great video abive which explains the whole update in a bit more detail which also gives a bit of an insight into the depth of the work required (perhaps skip the last Q&A section unless you are REALLY interested!).

We are trying to offer b:web customers the best possible value for either mobile or responsive themes, whilst there is quite a lot of work for us to complete we are quoting charges now that might have even been less that we originally quoted several years ago.  If you have any questions about this update please email me directly on

Thank you 🙂

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