Silver Deer Launched last year with an online wedding stationery store offering personalised wedding stationery, the offering expanded in January 2015 with the inclusion design-led greeting cards for all occasions and stationery with commercial appeal.  Most of the greeting cards available and all of the wedding stationery is exclusive to Silver Deer with the  stunning card designs produced in-house by the companies talented Creative Director – our very own Stephanie Sharp.

Steph’s husband, Jamie, has been working full-time for Silver Deer since the end of 2014 and together they have created a brand new card subscription service – The Card Concierge.  b:web were commissioned to provide UX and full development of the responsive brochure website and Card Concierge Members Console.  The entitre platform will grow over the next 12 months to include members dashboard, gifts and more.


In 2013 nearly 880million cards were bought, that’s 17million a week!!

The Card Concierge offer the consumer a chance to pay a small monthly fee in order to have all of their family and friends greeting cards personalised and either sent direct or posted to the member to personally sign and deliver.

Members choose the subscription level that meets their requirements, uploads their friends and family details and The Card Concierge will automatically suggest cards for each occasion as they arise (or the member can opt for specific options).

We worked hard on the messaging to make sure that potential customers not only understood the offering but felt the emotional experience of gifting a beautifully designed and personalised greeting cards.  Imagine – never missing an important occasion again?


 Did I mention that The Card Concierge, by Silver Deer offer the stunning greeting card designs ???


The requirements for The Card Concierge are going to change quite rapidly over the next 12 months as we launch the service and adapt according to the business plan we opted for a completely bespoke website and back-end platform.  Our solution includes a fully responsive brochure website designed for immediate impact, delivery of information and ease of use.  The Members Console has been given much consideration to ensure that the user experience is an thoughtful and easy to use as possible.

We are currently gathering customer feedback in focus groups and will work on optimising and growing capabilities over time as budget allows.  By staging the process Silver Deer are able to launch just a few months from concept and will realise some return on their investment before moving to the next phases.


Silver Deer have also recently launched an investment camapign over on  – I highly recommend that you take a look!


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