Kate Lloyd already owns and runs a successful photography business in the field of ‘people’ including family and corporate and this year Kate will launch into a new sector – equestrian photography.  The full project includes brand identity, logo, website and some SEO/marketing to really hit the ground running.

We really enjoy working with photographers – we speak partially the same language as we’re both partially creative but also have to understand the technical natures of our medium.

Kate wanted a completely new brand identity for the new equestrian business partially to keep it separate from the existing ventures but also so that we could deliver a punchier “Kate Lloyd” for this particular market.  The website will be launched shortly, in the meantime to capture initial request we have the responsive holding page set up (www.katelloydequinephotography.com) and have developed the full brand identity below.


“I am delighted with the website that bweb are making for me. It’s so exciting to see my images beginning to glow in the design that bweb have created, I can’t wait for launch day Having worked so hard to create the portfolio of images it is magical to see it all coming together.” Kate

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