If you manage the social media marketing strategy for a business on a local level, this can often be different to targeting national consumers. There are many benefits of local social media marketing, but also some negatives that can cause poor engagement rates .

As with any other social media marketing, you still need to take into account what matters to your followers, what they care about, what makes them happy and what annoys them, but when marketing on a local level, you need to consider the fact that you know even more about them. Therefore, you should show that you identify with their position as a customer of yours, but also with their position as a local person.

Here are the major differences between local and national social media marketing:

  • You can get to know your followers: For local social marketing, there’s a fairly good chance that you will have a smaller community than you would if you were targeting consumers nationally. This means that you can get to know your followers and engage in better conversations than you would if you were communicating with millions of people at once.
  • You have location in common: We are tribal creatures and are drawn to those who have things in common with us. Therefore, you can build a community on social media by showing people that you have shared interests and characteristics, through your language and the subjects you discuss. If you are targeting a local group of people, you instantly have a big characteristic in common – location.
  • Sharability: When we share content on social media, it is often because it is of interest to the people with whom we are connected. If you post local related content on your social pages, it could be of interest to local friends of your followers, so is therefore sharable. The downside of local social, when it comes to sharing is that your scalability is limited.
  • Safety: One common reason for people to not comment online on social media is safety. If your community members don’t feel safe in commenting, they won’t. The ways we can make sure people feel safe is by offering anonymity, or by not discussing controversial subjects. Often people who do discuss feel more comfortable discussing because they feel that there is a divide between real life and social media (which is boosted when they can be anonymous) but if the social media page is local-focused, their ‘real world’ identity could easily be attributed to their comments.

The key to content planning for local social media marketing is to introduce local stories, related to your product or service, to constantly show that you, just like your community, are a local resident.

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