BIG FOOT SHOES are a shoe retailer with a physical showroom and on-line business providing large size shoes in sizes 11 and above for men with big feet. It’s a niche market but a competitive one and owner Jack asked b:web to deliver an eCommerce website which would attract new customers and provide them with a great user experience. The original on-line shop was a shopify store which was a little too restrictive and he company had a bitty SEO strategy with content split out over a few different domain.

We started with a quick lift to the logo (which was originally brown) and then rolled up our sleeves to plan something quite special. Shoes are one of the hardest products to sell on-line, as people like to try before they buy. And with the target market being men we really needed to design super easy to use pages that would just allow the visitor to find and buy with as few hurdles in the way as possible. Customers can browse by size, style or brand.

Large Mens Shoes   Big Mens Shoes   Big Size Shoes   BIG FOOT SHOES

We kept the product pages simple with a simple large image of the shoe incorporating a rather smart 360 video to showcase the product as clearly as possible. We chose Magento as the platform for the BIG FOOT SHOES eCommerce website as it would be future proof and provided all of the hooks we needed to develop this bespoke design including complex functionality. As usual we integrated the blog but these time we have used our own Magento plug-in which we developed to keep all the common sections (header and footer) nicely synchronised without loosing any of the WordPress functionality.

Managing the migration from the existing platform to Magento was no mean feat. Chris was able to port across most of the old content allowing BIG FOOT SHOES to edit and update as required.

Possibly the biggest job for this project was in fact the SEO strategy. Because the website already had traffic (and SEO juice) we needed to ensure that we worked hard to maintain all of the links. We redirected every single page, ported over and improves metadata and set up comprehensive tracking which was monitored daily to see how the website bedded in and to check the result after being re-indexed by Google. We are still in the bedding in phase and will keep a very close eye on the website for 6 weeks. Whilst Magento is quite well set up for SEO out of the box there are quite a few activities that can be done to optimise it further. There is always some movement up and down in Google but right now the wesbite is enjoying page 1 results for over 200 keywords – not bad for a niche market!


Our ultra-smart new website is now live and we are quickly becoming familiar with the Magento platform. Thanks for all your time, patience and efforts during build. This has resulted in an excellent inter-active website which I am confident will bring us the levels of business we aspire to – and more! – Jack Goldie

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