Welcome to this month’s Marketing Monthly blog post, designed to help you plan your marketing activity month on month. I’m going to be including plenty of reminders and tips as well as a task list for you to work through.

So for August…

This month is all about housekeeping and making sure that your company website and business is ready for the heavy marketing activity expected for Christmas. Remember that the festive season creeps up much faster than expected! Here is a quick digital housekeeping checklist:

  • Is your website mobile friendly? Earlier this year, Google announced and launched a mobile algorithm update. This meant that, for searches on mobile, mobile friendly websites would be more favourably ranked than non-mobile optimised sites. This means that you could be missing out on a lot of search traffic on mobile, and as trends are showing us, more and more people are using Google on their smartphones.If you’re wondering whether your website is mobile friendly, the quickest and easiest way to find out is by using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. If you find out that your site is not optimised, then then please contact us.
  • Review your social media: If you have previously opened accounts on lots of different social media channels, start thinking about focusing on the ones that work well. For example, are you getting a good response on Instagram, but not on Pinterest? Or are you getting lots of business from YouTube but none from Twitter? Keep up those that work and either change strategy on those that don’t or delete them. Think about the sort of things your posting on each account? If you are posting the same thing across all channels, maybe look to test out different things on each.
  • Are you tracking everything? Is your Google Analytics tracking set up? Have you set up Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console)? Are you tracking your social media activity and any advertising you are doing? Without the relevant tracking it is difficult to see if you are making a return on your investment, and whether each different marketing channel is working for you. This will be especially important around Christmas time when business becomes more and more busy.
  • Have you planned your Christmas products? Think about how they will fit into the structure of your website. Do you need a separate Christmas section? Presenting products for Christmas may require new product photography and rewording descriptions.
  • Have you organised your mailing list? Make sure your customer database is segmented, for example by the type of product your customer chose or are interested in, as well as demographics. It can be a good idea to find out as much about your customers as possible, but to do this, you are likely to need to incentivise them to give you more information. Competitions or giveaways can help. The more you know about your customers the more you will be able to target them directly with christmas marketing messages.
  • Do you need to use any new technology? Mobile apps are being used more often now, and technology such as augmented reality can bring in new ways of engaging with your customers. If you feel this would be a good part of your customer journey, it is worth planning now, rather than waiting for the Christmas busy time.

If you would like to discuss your marketing with b:web we would be really happy to help. Email us on info@bwebsites.co.uk or call on 01483 799475.

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