Around the country, Christmas lights are being switched on in cities and towns and shop windows are being decorated with fake snow, decorations and festive scenes. If you are an online retailer, now is the time for you to join in and decorate your website.

In the last couple of months we have explained the need to prepare your Christmas images and campaigns, so now is the fun part: putting it all live. In this month’s Marketing Monthly we will run through everything you need to do to add a festive style to your online business.

  • Banners and Logos: If you have banners at the top of your homepage, you can either keep the same ones, but add a festive style to them or create brand new, Christmas-related banners.
  • Christmas Shop: Create a Christmas section of your website. This can simply be a category in which you include items that would make great Christmas presents. This is where your Christmas marketing can point to.
  • Christmas Emails: Your email marketing can be very powerful at Christmas as this is a time when you know people will be looking to buy products. By creating emails, focusing on selected products in your Christmas store, you can highlight gift ideas.
  • Social Media: Christmas discussions, advent calendar style campaigns and product discounts are all commonly used ways of using social media marketing in the lead up to 25th December. At the very least, plan in a Merry Christmas post.

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