Very soon, stores all over the country will start to hang Christmas decorations and the race for sales will begin. It’s very easy to find yourself with no spare time when the busy time kicks in, so now is the latest time to make sure your digital strategy and website is all in shape!

In this month’s Marketing Monthly we will run through a checklist of ways to make sure you are ready for the Christmas rush.

  • Is your website mobile optimised? As many more are accessing websites and buying on their mobiles, a good mobile customer experience is key. Displaying exactly the same website to mobile visitors as you present to desktop visitors generally results in a poor customer journey. This year, Google updated its search algorithm for users on mobiles, favouring mobile optimised sites too, emphasising the need to optimise for smartphones. To see if your website is mobile optimised, run it through Google’s Mobile-Friendly test.
  • 404 Error Pages: If you sell products that make great Christmas presents, you could see an increase in traffic in the next couple of months. If your visitors are directed to pages that are no longer live, and see a 404 error, it can ruin their online experience of your business.
    Here is how you can use Google Analytics to track 404 pages:

    • Firstly, visit your website and go to a page that you know isn’t there. For example, Note down the page title (This could be ‘Page not found’)
    • Open Google Analytics and go to Behaviour -> Site Content -> All Pages.
    • Click ‘Secondary Dimension’ and type in ‘Page Title’. Click on Page Title.
    • Next to the search box, on the right of the page, click Advanced.
    • Set the search to include Page Title containing the title you noted earlier (e.g. ‘Page not found’)
    • Click Apply.
    • You will now see all pages that returned a 404 error. You should redirect these pages to live pages using the .htaccess file.
  • Do you have out of date blog posts? Search through your old blog posts that may now be offering out of date information and either update them or remove them. You could redirect to more up to date posts.
  • Does your order process work? Imagine how annoying it would be if you found that your website wasn’t converting because the ordering process wasn’t working properly! In order to make sure this doesn’t happen, you can put fake orders through, and test your contact forms.
  • Get your Christmas banners ready: If you’re planning on decorating your website, make sure your festive banners are ready. If you need help in designing these, please contact us.

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