2018 started with the much awaited launch of our new b:web website.  Creating a website for your own business is a big project – when you are an established business with established traffic there are so many moving parts that need to be considered.  The website project becomes less about the design and much more about the content and the strategy for migrating SEO rankings.

We have been helping our clients to migrate their SEO for years and we have a very reliable tried and tested process in place. It’s so important to follow the simple steps of understanding which keywords you are being found for and to be able to ascertain their value.  Once you know their worth you can create a strategy for keeping the important keywords.

We have published a completely free SEO Migration Guide for you to download.  The SEO Migration Guide includes a full and comprehensive list of actions for you to to undertake when launching a new website.  I highly recommend that you take a peek – you don’t even have to enter your email!

But here’s a quick additional SEO tip that I would highly recommend.  Once you have completed your SEO and content strategy it is likely that you are going to cull a good percentage of your current website content. You will want to remove old and irrelevant blog posts, low quality content, out of date pages and generally streamline everything that you have published.  Low quality content harms your SEO and bad content impacts on the impression you give your visitors.  Consider removing the content from your existing website now, or at least several months before your new website launches.  By removing bad content before the launch you give your website a chance to settle in the rankings before another major update.  Separating the content and website launch you are able to really understand which elements of the project are impacting on your organic listing.

For our new website the main brochure page structure was going to be fairly similar, there are some new pages added but not much being taken away.  However, for the blog the matter was entirely different.  We have been blogging for over 10 years and had published 1000’s of blog posts, 100’s of which were completely out of date, some blog posts hadn’t been read in months or years.  3 months before the launch of the new website we carefully identified and removed 600 blogs posts and then waited to see the impact on search engines.  I was confident that nothing I had removed was important because I had a strategy being each.  I’m happy to report that nothing negative did happen and that by actioning the content cull in advance the launch of the new website was much less stressful.

Our SEO Migration Guide is FREE for you download, go and take a look!


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