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Beyond The White Line.

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The Brief.

Beyond The White Line (BTWL) is a not-for-profit organisation operating in the sports industry. They work with professional clubs to help them develop programs promoting physical and mental wellbeing, further education, future career pathways, and financial stability for the players and staff.

We worked with the founder, James Chiffi. He tasked us with developing a logo and branding for the company that would reflect the sports-oriented nature of the business without being specific to any one sport. He also wanted it to suggest the “striving for a better future”.

James then asked us to develop a website design which would showcase the aims and capabilities of the organisation in a concise and eye-catching way.

The Solution.

Web Design, Web Development
We designed the Beyond The White Line logo as a ball shape with a path leading over the horizon to a future beyond a white line. It is rendered in gold to suggest ultimate achievement.

For the website, we sourced all of the key brand imagery for the client and created unique iconography to complement the images and branding. The website itself is spacious and uses short statements, images, and icon sections to tell the BTWL story succinctly and effectively.

It has yet to be completed but we wanted to give you a sneak preview of what is to come! It will be built in WordPress and will be completely responsive across all devices.

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