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Portal, Web App Development

The Brief.

The b:web portal is our own internal CRM where we manage all of our clients projects and store all of their account details, including vital and sensitive data like hosting logins and API integration passwords etc.

The portal needed to be incredibly versatile, with different capabilities for different users and the ability to expand with the company as our client base and our service offerings increase.

There are several key sections to the portal that you can see on some of the screenshots below. These include a dashboard, team chat, project management, individual and team task list, hosting, support ticket process and a client database.

The Solution.

Portal, Web App Development
Our very clever development team built the b:web portal from scratch, primarily using TwistPHP and jQuery. The database of information it holds now exceeds 12Gb which, considering all of that is text, is a vast amount!

We have now been using the portal happily for 5+ years and it proved particularly invaluable during the lockdown periods when staff were not able to get into the office but could access all of the information securely from home.

Whilst our clients are generally unaware of the portal, they constantly benefit from it. When they simply need reminding of their hosting password or when they submit a support ticket – everything is managed by the portal. And yes, it is thoroughly and securely backed up in multiple locations!

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