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Pride in Plymouth.

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The Brief.

Pride in Plymouth is b:web’s local LGBTQ+ organisation which aims to bring communities together to celebrate diversity. They approached us to produce a new website to replace their ageing and very text-heavy one that was several years old. As b:web have staff and family members who are LGBTQIA+ we offered to design and build the site free of charge as part of our annual charity giving programme.

The primary driver for the site was the upcoming 2022 Pride march and event at the Plymouth Albion FC ground. The client didn’t really have anything in the way of imagery so we sourced a lot of relevant images for them. The march feature needed to include a timetable for visitors as well as calls to action to encourage volunteers to get involved. The website needed to have a news section that was easy to update and an event listing section with an upload form where people could submit LGBTQ+ happenings for inclusion.

The Solution.

Web Design, Web Development
There weren’t existing brand colours or graphics, but the general consensus from our discovery meeting was that a bright pink as the base colour and a purple highlight colour would definitely be the way forward. The website needed to be incredibly friendly and approachable, so we designed everything with rounded corners, bold typefaces, and curvy graphics. It also needed to shout both “love” and “celebration”, so we included purple hearts and ticker-tape background graphics.

The client was very keen that the first view any visitor had of the site was to include both the introductory video and links to the four key areas that Pride in Plymouth work in – the community, workplaces, schools, and youth groups. Whilst it’s not possible to show it here, a lot of the elements on the homepage have a parallax effect so that they move independently and at a different speed to the scrolling background. This creates a lot of visual interest and makes the whole site feel really dynamic.

Unfortunately, due to internal changes in the client’s organisation, we never got a chance to put our site live, but we thought you’d like to see it nonetheless as it’s very different to most of our sites!

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