Beresford Ward.

Property listing API, Third party integration, Website Design, Website Development

The Brief.

Beresford Ward is an independent, family-run lettings agent based in Plymouth. They have been looking after landlords’ interests since 2000 and boast a wealth of experience in both the letting and management market.

The client asked b:web to provide a brand strategy alongside a new website which was to be big and bold – capable of displaying large, striking images and memorable icons. They needed the ability to integrate with their property listing software with full descriptions and spec lists.

The website needed to be responsive with flexible content layouts and a simple admin system that was easy for non-technical staff to use.

The Solution.

Property listing API, Third party integration, Website Design, Website Development
We created a new logo and bespoke iconography and graphics designed to quickly establish a strong brand in the highly competitive property agency market. These features were combined with large, friendly images to engage the user and ensure that the site is approachable for prospective customers.

The main website was developed as a bespoke WordPress solution which integrated seamlessly with the property listings software. The website has proven easy to use by both customers and sales representatives and is optimised to perform really well on Google.
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What the client says....

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all your hard work. As you know, being a small business, I had concerns about utilising a marketing company and had always tried to deal with our marketing myself. I now realise that this was a mistake as your wealth of knowledge, support and advice is second-to-none. You approached the project with fresh ideas and contemporary designs for which I’m very grateful and made the process thoroughly enjoyable. “
Mark Ward
Beresford Ward

We’ll build you something amazing!

We’ll build you something amazing!