Web App Development

The Brief.

Dynamo is a well-known brand of The Buy To Let Business – a national mortgage firm based out of Camberley, Surrey. They were looking for a partner who could not only build them a brochure website to attract customers, but also create a highly functional mortgage calculator app that could be seamlessly integrated into the new website.

They were keen for the calculator to be more visually appealing and approachable than others on the market, using graphics to guide the applicant through the process rather than the standard boring forms. The app needed to be able to cater for any combination of the 50-odd factors involved and produce accurate quote results by integrating with their constantly changing database of rates and special offers. It was also key that the calculator work as well on mobile as on desktop/laptop browsers.

The Solution.

Web App Development
b:web started by designing a graphic and image-driven homepage and brochure website. The introductory section sends the customer down either a Buy To Let route or a Residential route into the mortgage calculator.

Once in the calculator, the applicant is presented with a carousel of graphic cards each containing a simple question to determine their requirements. Depending on the response, they are then taken to the next question until they process is complete, which generally takes no longer than a minute. They are then displayed their bespoke mortgage offers showing the lender, rates, fees, and payments. At each stage the user can see exactly where they are in the process with a colour-coded timeline below the questions.

The calculator has been a huge hit with both the Dynamo mortgage consultants and their customers, with thousands of applications being processed during the first couple of weeks and the company seeing a significant uptick in sales since the launch.
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What the client says....

We’ll build you something amazing!

We’ll build you something amazing!