Expat Academy.

Web App Development, Website Design, Website Development

The Brief.

Expat Academy provides Global Mobility training courses and Global Mobility networking opportunities to HR professionals. Expat Academy offer a subscription based membership program providing unique content including live events and the collation and distribution of industry specific benchmarking data. Expats Academy have their head offices in Ashstead, Surrey.

The previous membership system was a combination of third-party booking systems, manual processes and WordPress managed content. b:web have previously worked with Expat Academy on various projects and were delighted to design and develop a bespoke Customer Portal allowing Expat Academy to streamline and automate their business.

Through the provision of a bespoke Customer Portal Expat Academy would be able to develop deeper and more meaningful connections with their members, centralise points of contact and vastly improve the speed, accuracy and discoverability of the benchmarking system.

The Solution.

Web App Development, Website Design, Website Development
Benchmarking – The old system required Expats to manually collate members bench-marking questions, distribute them via email and to use the responses to create PDF format bench-marking reports. The new customer portal automates all aspects of asking and responding to questions. Members can post question that expats are able to verify before posting on the portal to member to reply anonymously. Relevant responses are graded automatically and Expats simply need to sanity check responses after the close date in order to produce a full bench-marking response. We developed a search engine within the app so that any questions asked would first be cross-referenced with the archive.

Event Management – Expat Academy run a large number of live events. Members are now invited via the app which can also handle their RSVPs. Expats are able to manage the number of attendees, waiting lists and see reports on recent attendances. Members can subscribe to notifications via push notification, email or directly via the app.

Statistics – This was an outstanding project delivered on budget by our senior development team. At the time of launch this bespoke project included:
• 43,700 lines of PHP code
• 22,373 lines of JavaScript
• 3,361 lines of CSS code
• 8,396 lines of HTML code
…all hand coded across more than 1,229 files!

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We’ll build you something amazing!

We’ll build you something amazing!