W Davies Solicitors.

Branding, Content Migration, Website Design

The Brief.

W Davies Solicitors are a leading personal and business law firm in Surrey and London.

The client asked b:web to redesign the website we had built for them several years ago in order to bring it up to date and help them stand out in their highly competitive market. They were looking to get away from the large stock images of the previous site and instead use eye-catching typography to provide a focus for each page.

The menu needed to be completely redesigned as the previous drop-down menus were looking a bit dated and made the site a bit complicated to navigate. Likewise the client wanted to revamp the way that staff were listed to provide a more interesting and engaging experience for the user.

The website of course needed to be fully-responsive with flexible content layouts and a simple admin system that was easy for non-technical staff to use.

The Solution.

Branding, Content Migration, Website Design

After several discussions with the client we made some small adjustments to the logo and brand colours, which were enhanced to make the whole site brighter and more dynamic.

The main menu was simplified and the huge Services submenu was redesigned to be full-screen, making it easier for the user to find and navigate to their desired page. The staff listings were also given a completely new design with added animations and bespoke functionality in the WordPress back-end that allows the client to display staff in multiple departments and to re-order them as required.

The website is fully-responsive with flexible content layouts and the intuitive admin system has made it easy for the client’s non-technical staff to add and edit content whenever they need to.

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What the client says....

We’ll build you something amazing!

We’ll build you something amazing!