Over the last couple of years we have designed and developed many HTML emails for mailchimp. However there are some FAQ regarding how to use the template. Here is a quick go to on how to create a campaign based on the template we’ve created for you:

To create a campaign you

  • Select ‘Campaigns’ -> ‘Create Campaigns’ in the top right,
  • Then select ‘Regular ol’ Campaign’,
  • Select the list of subscribers you wish to send it to,
  • Set up the campaign (add the campaign name, email title, etc),
  • Click ‘Next’ and select ‘Saved Templates’ (this is where we will have uploaded your template designs)
  • Select your chosen bespoke template,
  • Make your content changes* here,
  • Click ‘Next’ and confirm that you’re happy to send it**

*make sure that you ‘Preview and Test’ your email before sending it out. When editing the campaign in the top right there are a few options on how to do this.

** You don’t have to send it out straight away you can schedule the email to go out at another point. So if you get inspiration for an email at 2am write it, test it, schedule it for a time you think you’re clients will be most engaging.

(recent email campaigns shown below!)


email1a email1b


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