Social Media Metrics

As with any marketing channel, it is important to measure your social media marketing so you can see if campaigns and overall approaches are successful or not. There are many figures you could measure when looking at your social marketing, but some of them are more valuable than others.

Here we look at key metrics for social media marketing and what they can tell you.

  • Reach: You can’t make any impact if nobody sees your posts, so seeing the reach for each individual post as well as the average reach for your channel, page or account is key to finding out whether the work you are doing is having a positive or negative effect. If you start to see your reach drop, it could be because you are getting less engagement, but it could be that the social network you are using has changed their algorithm. General reach is a more important metric than actual page likes. Although you can have targets for your page and account likes or subscribers, it is better to aim for more views of your content.
  • Shares, Retweets and Likes: What gets likes and what doesn’t? Once you get an idea of your audience’s preferences you can change your content to suit their tastes. Post likes are important to measure.
  • Replies: Once you have grown your reach, you can start looking at creating a strong community. If you have a strong community, your members are more likely to reply to your posts and discuss the ideas you are talking about. People who talk about and with you (in a positive way) are more likely to be long term customers.
  • Sales: Of course, sales are not the main aim of social media marketing, but if you can at least cover your costs with your social activities through sales referrals, then it often makes it easier to sell the idea of more investment into social to stakeholders. But, don’t let this metric dictate your content and strategy, simply keep track of it for reporting.

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