Thank crunchy for mums!

I don’t often write about the challenges of running a business and being a busy mum to 4 children. And whilst I do also attend some of the women’s networking clubs, I do like to think that our business can stand on its own two feet – mum or not.

To be honest I think that most of us mums have a massive advantage over the men and child free ladies who are competing in the business world. 


Well firstly women are naturally blessed with amazing multi-tasking and time management skills. Show me a working mum and I will show you a lady who has set the alarm for 1 hour before the the kids are up to complete a project and who has successfully managed to feed a baby whilst drafting an email on her blackberry.

The second and most influential success factor for working mums is determination. I was a young teenage mum.  Before the birth of my (now nearly 19 year old) daughter, I was studious but really lacked any kind of focus on what  “I wanted to be”.  Having had a baby before my first job (does a paper round count!?) prompted me to question what I needed out of life.  And the answer to that 16 year old mum was money.  I chose A Levels and a Degree that would open doors (Maths, Physics, Business Studies and a Degree in Computing). In fact my whole adult life has been goal driven.

Now in my mid thirties and with baby number 5 on the way I am so happy to have been able to carve myself a career whilst managing the work-life balance.  Just in the last few weeks our home has been struck with a sickness bug, terrible 3 week long colds and on Wednesday my 3 year old son woke up covered head to toe in a horrendous rash which later turned out to be an allergy.  Had I still been in the corporate word I dread to think what my boss might have said each day as I requested more and more leave to care for my children!

B Websites are also pleased to be able to create working from home opportunities for mums (and a dad) who benefit every day from flexible hours and a *proper* job!  And with that in mind I would like to thank Chris, Jenny, Anna, Liz and Clare for their commitment over the last few years! 🙂

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