Zero Moment of Truth

The internet and mobile have changed the way we shop, as customers have easy access to far more information and choice than ever before. To help businesses understand the new route to purchase, Google introduced the Zero Moment of Truth, or ZMOT, describing the way that people think about buying, buy for the first time, and then continue to buy.

To make ZMOT easier to understand, start by understanding the First Moment of Truth. This is simply the moment of purchase. This comes after the Stimulus and the Zero Moment of Truth.

As you can see in the diagram above from Google, the stimulus is the first step. This is when someone initially thinks of a need or a question. For example, this could be a person thinking “What is the best way to clean a patio?” Or “What is is there to do in London on a Tuesday night?”

This is when the Zero Moment of Truth comes into play. The ZMOT is when the user searches for the information they need. This could be by searching on Google, looking at customer reviews, asking friends on Facebook and Twitter or looking on YouTube. This is the first potential touch point that a consumer can have with your brand.

The Zero Moment of Truth is the first impression. If you can answer their questions, this can be your first win, and a key opportunity to be at the front of your potential customer’s mind. From here, you can lead them towards the First Moment of Truth (buying from you).

Experience is the Second Moment of Truth. This is how you interact with them once they have purchased. This part of the journey includes customer service, email marketing, social and any other ongoing communication.

This then leads back to the Zero Moment of Truth, when a consumer is asking another question. If you have handled their needs well in the previous steps, there is a better chance of them coming to you for videos, blogs and questions in future. They may also recommend others, which increases the chances of those others connecting with your brand for their ZMOT.

The key to making the most of this modern way of shopping is considering the customer’s needs at every touch point. By creating blog posts and videos, answering common questions around your products, you can establish your position as the knowledgeable voice in the market, and be there with your consumers for their whole journey.

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