Live Chat for Business

When people visit a website, there are many reasons why they may not convert to sale or lead. Sometimes they have questions or concerns that aren’t listed on your website. This is why live chat software can help to increase your conversion rate.

Live chat on websites is usually in the form of a popup, or a little button that appears on the bottom right hand side of the page, asking if users have any questions.

If a user clicks on the button, they are then instantly connected to a live chat operator who can answer their questions, and in some cases, depending on the nature of the business, take their details and generate a lead.

For e-commerce businesses, it is generally better to simply advise the user on the product, as they will then be able to purchase for themselves. For a lead-generation conversion,  which requires a call back from a sales professional, you can save them the work of filling in a form, and simply take their details on the chat.

Through live chat, you can tell them targeted information that may not make it onto your website, as it could be too in-depth and irrelevant to the majority of your visitors.

Conversion Tracking:
This can add a tricky element to your conversion tracking, as for those businesses that would like to convert customer through live chat (create lead from the chats), these leads are not shown in Google Analytics. For those businesses that would use live chat to help the customer along, but not convert them, it is useful to be able to attribute conversions to like chat.

For leads that come directly through live chat, a CRM will be useful, so simply log those leads as coming via live chat. As for attribution, you can collect names and email addresses from live chat sessions, or for logged in users, you can collect account information, which can then be used to track sales, but often visitors prefer not to enter too much information, and simply want a quick chat. In this case, it is worth simply looking for spikes in sales, following the launch of your live chat feature.

How to get a live chat feature
To install a live chat feature, you will need to pay for a live chat service for your website. There are many on offer including Zopim and Pure Chat. You can simply add a simple piece of code to your site, or use a plugin if you are using WordPress or another popular CMS.

You will then need to make sure that you have the staff to man the live chat service. The service can sit in the background on a computer, so you only need to answer when someone is talking, rather than waiting for people.

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