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I can probably make the assumption that I don’t need to give much of an introduction to YouTube, as most reading this blog post will know what it is. However, as popular and well-used it is, many businesses still haven’t managed to use it to its full potential in their marketing strategy.

Being a very visual channel, it can help you in ways that your website cannot, as you can use audio and video to get a message across to your audience. You can even use it to bring new people to your business.

In this article, I won’t be touching on the paid element of YouTube, which is another powerful marketing tool, instead I will discuss ways to use YouTube organically, without paying to get your videos in front of people. Using YouTube advertising can be very effective for growing a business, but it is definitely vital to focus your attentions on getting the best possible organic strategy first.

Here we will look at ways you can use YouTube for:


YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world, and since its acquisition by Google, it has become far more visible on the Google search results pages. There are two elements to this section, as by creating a video for search terms that you are targeting (including your brand name) you can take up more space on the results page on Google, but you can also name your videos in ways to optimise them for YouTube search.

By using your keywords in the title, description and keywords on your YouTube videos, you can gain clicks through to your content.

Brand Building:

Through your videos, you can really get your brand values and voice across. If you have a star of the videos, be sure that everything about them fits in with your brand. Your videos should bring your messages to life. If you are a brand that helps people to be healthy, create videos about healthy eating and healthy living, and have them hosted by someone who really cares about the cause.

Creating a Following:

Encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel, to build a following. You can do this by using annotations and the description, or even mentioning it in the video itself. Entice them by offering more of the same, for example “if you found this to be useful, subscribe for more videos like it.”

Constant Contact:

Once you have built a following of subscribers on YouTube, keep constant contact with them by posting regular videos. This means that rather than simply creating the YouTube channel and videos as a way of directing people to your Facebook page, email signup or website, you should aim to create another way of talking to them. It is important to realise, however, that when we watch YouTube videos, there’s a good chance that we are not in the buying mindset, so rather than pushing to purchase, answer questions, entertain, inform and delight, elevating your brand as an expert in the field with each video.

User Experience:

This is one of the simpler ways to use YouTube. Embed useful, product related videos on your website, to offer a better user journey. This could be through product demonstrations or how to videos, as well as previews, just to make sure you answer their questions in the best way possible.

Using YouTube can be quite daunting if you’ve not tried creating video before, and it can also seem like a big task, but your videos don’t have to be Hollywood quality. Obviously, make them to a high standard, but quantity is also important here, so try to find a balance between high production values and getting a good amount of videos out there.

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