Web Development.

Web development including CRM, CMS, Portals & Web Applications
The majority of our projects involve some aspect of web development. Clients choose to partner with b:web because we offer both commercial acumen and strong technical expertise. Our directors, Zoe and Chris, were software engineers for many years before founding b:web in 2004. This background allows us to excel in delivering technically challenging solutions where other web design agencies might struggle. In the past, web development projects were typically standalone solutions. Today, we are more likely to be customising existing client functionalities or creating plugins for WordPress and integrating various systems. We prioritise simplicity and efficiency. If there’s an off-the-shelf solution that meets your needs, we’ll recommend it. However, if a bespoke system is necessary, we can start by developing a detailed specification tailored to your web development requirements.

What can we build for you?

Our talented team use primarily PHP and MySQL open-source software. We have completed client projects which include web portals, bespoke content management systems and web applications for online membership sites.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Bespoke CMS solutions can be chosen for a number of reasons including their flexibility, the complete control over the end product, and the security of using a non-open-source solution.

Customer Portal

Customer portals allow your business to meaningfully integrate with your customer’s daily activities. Your customer portal can be designed to perform almost any task that you imagine.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRMs add value and automation to your business by providing your clients with a secure portal to complete tasks such as downloading resources, making payments, and interacting with your team.

"Design Your Own" App

If you have a customisable product or service, we can build an app to allow your visitors to create their own unique version – from wedding dresses to mugs! Improve customer engagement with a sales tool unique to you.

eLearning Platform

Do you offer online classes? We can build you a bespoke eLearning platform with a completely customised interface and learning experience for your pupils. Whether its for live interactions or video lessons, we can build it!

Employee Engagement/ Reward Platform

Recruit the best quality employees and retain your existing workforce with a platform that builds emotional engagement and connection with your team and brand.

Event Management

Plan and organise promotional, business, and social events with a bespoke online platform. Integrate booking and reviews for a one-stop event experience to build your brand and online engagement.

Financial Calculator

A bespoke calculator app can help your customers calculate loan or mortgage repayments, exchange rates, or any other financial product, quickly and easily, improving customer engagement and increasing your online revenue.

Interactive Form

Forms are the single most-used way to increase visitor interaction on your website. We can provide multi-level, cascading forms which have dynamic options that change depending on the selections made.

Member Area

A secure area on your website can provide exclusive content or account management facilities to your membership or customers. Automated password and email management makes your life easy and provides a great customer experience.

Migrations - Platform To Platform

Moving to a new website or online storage platform will usually mean migrating your data. We build scripts or APIs to do this for you, ensuring that all of the data you have accumulated over the years is safe and secure.

...and many others!

We have built many progressive web apps including membership websites, social media-style platforms, interactive design tools, and image-sharing systems. If a solution is technically possible, we can build it! Start your project by contacting us today…

We’ll build you something amazing!

We’ll build you something amazing!