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Bright measure and advise on customer service satisfaction and perfomance levels in call centres and customer-facing operations of large companies, including the likes of Sky, BT, HP and Camelot.

Bright UK, based in London, are part of a large Swedish-based group and previously had a template-based website with quite a weak, yellowy-orange branding. They tasked b:web to create a stronger feel for the brand and to design a website which would challenge the parent Swedish website for impact and creativity. It was important that the website take the visitor through their process in a easy-to-understand way, without making it too technical or complicated, and make it accessible for everyone.

Bright have three product offerings: Bright Index, Bright Navigator and Bright Employee. As part of the brief the client also asked us to look at the branding of these products and to design a simple group style that would work for all three and fit in with the styling of the new website.





Brand Palette


Web Design Solution

As usual we started the web design process with a web design workshop involving the full project management team at our web design studio in Woking, Surrey.

We replaced the colour of the previous branding with a much more striking bright orange, and paired it with a similarly-toned green. The orange is used as the primary colour throughout the site and orange/green graduated overlays are used for most of the images – making for a unique and highly distinctive look.

The stark, heavy typography of the logo is reflected with the use of extra-bold, black headings throughout the site. Chunky icons continue this theme, and are reflected in the new branding of the three products.

The website was created in WordPress and features a lot of animation to bring the story to life and to create a sense of dynamism. Computer, tablet and phone devices are used as frame elements throughout the site to suggest the technical and communication nature of the client’s products in a friendly, non-threatening way.

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SEO Consultancy

b:web migrated all of the SEO from the old website.  This was achieved using our SEO Migration Strategy which allows us to identify key content to migrate and create a strategy that is tried and tested for migrating SEO.

Following the launch b:web provided a consultation for increasing relevant traffic from search engines to the website.  We analysed competitor websites and previous search data to identify opportunities that Bright Index could now take advantage off.  We provides a clear strategy for keywords to target over a number of phased campaigns along with details of how to make the changes to the website.

Our insights have proved invaluable and the Bright Index team are busy implementing the website updates with our supervision.

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