Web Design For Conservatory Blinds Limited

Conservatory Blinds Limited are a family owned business offering their own custom solution for perfectly fitted blinds in the most awkward of spaces. With their own in-house no pressure sales team, installers and a fantastic after sales offering, Conservatory Blinds Limited are the UK’s favorite Blinds specialists. Conservatory Blinds Limited have their head office and a showroom based in Surrey,

Conservatory Blinds Limited approached b:web at the start of 2018 with a website that was dated and not at all mobile friendly. The website had recently been penalised by a Google Algorithm update and therefore was missing out on potential leads due to a lack of placement in the organic listings.

The previous website was more than 5 years old and it was quite urgent that a new website was developed to drive both organic traffic and maximise conversions. Our job was to create a brand new website design.




Web Design Approach

As usual the web design project kick-started with an in depth workshop at our web design studio in Woking, Surrey. The existing website was significantly large with over 1000 gallery images, 1000 new articles, over 1000 customer reviews and 100’s of pages. The website was also extremely critical to the success of Conservatory Blinds Limited as ultimately it was a touch point for most of the new customer enquiries.

We approached the redevelopment using data driven web design insights. We used statistics to help us to decide which pages were critical for the user journey (including organic search landing pages) and which pages could be removed. We used data to understand what was and wasn’t working with the existing website and later we would use data driven design to tweak our new proposed solution.

Our approach included a full SEO migration project to ensure no loss of rankings. The b:web team developed a bespoke data migration to port across the migrated content from their previous custom database.


Web Design Solution

We designed a fresh and easy to use website using our data insights. The website makes great use of high quality images that help to support the decision making process of the user. We have made calls to action clear and integrated all interactions with tracking software and with the bespoke CRM database.

The navigation has been carefully planned to appeal to both Google and users using keyword research. The general look and feel for all of the pages has been designed specifically with a mobile first approach allowing users to quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for.

We have implemented a Continuous Improvement program which involves the b:web team analysing user statistics to improve traffic and conversions at every level. Our insights are studied each week with recommendations then split tested before being rolled out into the live environment.

Conservatory Blinds


Web Design Summary

We have really enjoyed working on this project and especially enjoyed using our growth driven web design approach. This was a really in depth web design project involving most of our web design and web development team at various points. Migrating the data involved the development of a bespoke script and the SEO migration took a lot of time and planning. We have been delighted with the results including a much higher search engine ranking for the primary keywords. It’s lovely to work with wonderful clients right here on our doorstep in Surrey!

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