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skinSense is the second project we have undertaken for beauty industry expert and QVC presenter, Abi Cleeve. skinSense is Abi’s own exclusive range of skincare products based on the latest scientific research and uses a patented lamellar technology that locks ingredients into the skin so that they work longer and better.

The skinSense branding was already in place, so our job was to design and create a combination brochure and e-commerce website that would be attractive to the core audience, whilst communicating the scientific benefits in a friendly, easy-to-understand manner.

Abi has a stong following on the tv shopping  channel, QVC – mainly for her work promoting the Ultrasun brand – and the customer base for skinSense is very similar – family women with a reasonable level of disposable income, looking to maximise their value-for-money whilst buying the highest quality product. The website needed to convey this high-quality feel along with a simplicity and cleanliness that suggested the scientific underpinning of the product range.






Our Solution

The same staff work on this brand and the ShopSkincare brand so, in order to make the editing and adminstration of the site as easy and familiar as possible, it was decided to clone the latter site, rebranding and slimming it down in places to suit the smaller skinSense range.

Everything else is very different though! The imagery used throughout the site is minimalist in both style and use of colour, with light grey and blue tones predominating. The typography is similarly light and airy. We created bespoke icons to convey some of the more complex concepts, and used a thin outline style to reflect the text styling.

The site itself is a combination of WordPress and Magento and is fully responsive. It was recently launched in a German-language version.

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