Web Development

Our talented team includes full-stack developers who use primarily PHP and MySQL to hand-craft bespoke web solutions. We have worked on a variety of different concepts and have recently completed client projects which include web portals, bespoke content management systems and web applications for online membership sites.

We can also develop bespoke extensions for open-source platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento.


Customer Relationship Management - CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions allow you to add value and automation to your business.

They can provide your clients with access to your own secure portal to complete tasks such as downloading invoices andresources, settling bills, viewing proposals, and asking questions. They instantly reduce clutter in your team’s email and free up valuable time. GDPR compliance is generally simpler as data and transactions are all centralised.

Our clients’ systems and back-office processes are all unique, so our CRM solutions are all completely bespoke and built from scratch from the ground up.


Content Management Systems - CMS

Bespoke CMS solutions can be chosen for a number of reasons including their flexibility, the complete control over the end product, and the security of using a non-open source solution.

Our B:SMART CMS has been developed on the TwistPHP framework (a secondary project by our Web Systems Architect). This powerful CMS is focused purely on the tasks publishers require, including simplifying the creation of content, and on-page SEO. B:SMART can power bespoke websites, CRMs, and web applications.

Over the years, variations of B:SMART have powered over 250 websites including versions for government departments and household brand names like Jamie Oliver!


Progessive Web Apps

When a brochure or eCommerce website is not enough, you may need a progressive web application.

Recent examples of web applications the b:web team have built include: membership eCommerce websites, social media-style platforms, wedding dress design tools and online image-sharing platforms.

Our web applications are generally designed and built as mobile-first solutions and can include comprehensive reporting as well as interactive elements like push-notifications.

If a solution is technically possible, we can build it!


Customer Portals

Customer portals allow your business to meaningfully integrate with your customers daily activity.  Your customer portal can be designed to perform almost any task that you imagine.

Some examples of customer portals that we have built recently include: event management, bench marking, event booking, professional development programs and project management tools.

By combining  CRM and progressive web development techniques with problem solving customer portal functionality your business becomes automated with a 24/7 support team.

the b:web approach to web development



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