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A comprehensive technical website audit of your website and search engine optimisation strategy for your business, along with jargon-free actionable SEO strategy and training. Our Website Audit & SEO Strategy has been devised specifically with owner-managed or small businesses in mind. You will receive our insights and strategy alongside comprehensive training and support. You’ll gain a full understanding of where your website is holding your business back, what you can realistically achieve, and what needs to change.


1. Keyword Research

Keyword research ensures that you are targeting the best opportunities and making the most of them.

We will analyse the keywords that your website is focusing on and research a new list of target keywords that will bring in additional relevant traffic. We will review your competitors and create benchmarks for comparison. You will receive a list of target keywords along with our rationale for each.


2. Technical Health Check

A good technical health check will ensure that there are no issues preventing content from being visible to Google.

We will be looking for things like errors in the code, broken links, incorrect sitemaps, content being hidden, signs of hacks, badly formed URLs, hosting issues, search engine penalties, and any other issues behind the scenes that could be adversely affecting your website traffic. Most of these issues are only visible to developers and might be completely transparent to you.

If we do find any issues, our developers will fix them as we go – sometimes a very quick fix can solve a very serious issue.


3. Content Review

As the old internet adage goes – content is king! Great content drives search engine rankings, traffic to your website and ultimately, conversions.

We will analyse the persuasiveness, structure, length and keyword density of your website copy and look for any potential duplicate content issues. We will check for missing or duplicated meta-tags as well as recommending changes to those that are currently ineffective. We might also make recommendations for an improved website hierarchy or changes in the way you present your products and services.


4. Keyword Strategy

Your keyword strategy will ensure that the selected keywords are being targeted effectively.

We are likely to make recommendations to update your website, in particular headings, URLs and links. We will also identify new content that could be created as part of an ongoing SEO campaign.



  1. Onboarding telephone/Skype call to provide your brief and to ask any questions
  2. A written brief to clarify project goals and outcomes
  3. Up to 4 hours of studio time to fix any serious technical issues
  4. Technical checklist to show what is and isn’t working and what exactly needs to be done
  5. Your Analytics and Webmaster accounts set up correctly, including reporting
  6. A list of target keywords along with the reasoning behind their selection
  7. An actionable plan clearly laid out in plain English with priorities listed
  8. A full bespoke SEO Strategy for your business
  9. 1-2 hour telephone/Skype training call to discuss developments
  10. 3 months email support to you assist with implementation

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