Website Maintenance & Support & Hosting

Congratulations you have (or soon will have) a new website!

It is now important to consider your strategy for keeping your website up to date and secure.  Let us help with the ongoing maintenance, leaving you free to run your business.  Our packages also include support for you and your team as well as professional hosting and backups.


1. WordPress & plug-in updates

WordPress regularly release updates to boost security and implement additional features. Out of date software is a security risk, therefore keeping your WordPress website up to date is top priority. Updates don’t always work straight out-of the box, conflicts can happen and issues can be introduced.

Our developers follow a tried and tested protocol, we will

  1. Monitor your website for available updates
  2. Check the update release notes and source code
  3. Backup the website files and database
  4. Test the update on your development (staging) web site
  5. Fully test the website

Our packages include 30 minutes of development time per month to help resolve any issues with updating your website.



2. 24/7 advanced website monitoring

WordPress websites have quite a few moving parts and need protection from malicious activity and errors.

Through 24/7 advanced website monitoring, our team will be informed of any potential security issues.  We will monitor failed login attempts, physical locations and activity to identify and block suspect users.  We will scan your website for signs of hacks and if detected we are often able stop it in its tracks. You will benefit from early detection.  Should your website experience a hack we will follow a strict process which includes changing all access paths and passwords.


3. Website hosting

As part of your Website Maintenance & Support package will offer to host your website on our secure and reliable servers.

Your hosting environment will be set up by our development team to suit your requirements. Your website will be backed up every day with backups kept for 30 days. For additional peace of mind we provide a full server backup kept off-site in the case of disaster recovery.

In addition you will benefit from your own development/staging server, which is a safe place to test updates separately from the live website.


4. Premium Website Support

You and your team will be fully supported in the day to day management of your website. You may have forgotten how to do something, made an error or need to ask a question.

You will receive phone and email support during standard office hours. For urgent issues, out of hours email support will be provided by the senior management team.


At a glance

  1. Regular WordPress and plug-in updates
  2. 24/7 advanced website monitoring
    1. Alerts for failed logins
    2. Scanning of code to prevent from hacks and unusual activity
    3. Monitoring and blocking of potential attacks
    4. Manual removal of most hacks if they occur
    5. Weekly auditing of unusual activity
  3. 30 minutes/month development time on top of the time required for 1 and 2 above
  4. High spec website hosting
    1. Development/staging server
    2. Daily backups kept for 30 days
    3. Weekly off site backup for disaster recovery
  5. Phone/email support during office hours
    1. CMS support for you and your team
    2. Out of hours emergency support contact
    3. Activity reports

Your investment

Option 1
Micro Business Website Maintenance & Support
Under 1gb, Micro business
Monthly updates
£65 +vat /month

Option 2
Business Website Maintenance & Support
Under 2gb
Monthly updates
£125 +vat /month

Option 3
eCommerce/Large Website Maintenance & Support
Over 2gb, eCommerce and/or membership
Monthly updates
£245 +vat /month

Option 4
Enterprise Website Maintenance & Support
Over 3gb, bespoke, eCommerce and/or membership

Option 5
Hosting Only – No Website Maintenance & Support
b:web clients who just want straight hosting


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