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Search engine algorithms are constantly becoming more and more intertwined with social media, with Google putting more and more effort into understanding the way people interact with businesses online. This is why you should put some time into creating a Google+ strategy to help with your overall marketing approach.

You can increase your search visibility by having at least a small presence on Google’s social network. Content posted on Google+ can rank in search results, even when your website does not.

Local search rankings can also benefit from activity on Google+, along with a Google My Business Account, which links your business to a location on Google Maps. If you tie your location (in your My Business page) with you Google+ page, you can rank for location-specific searches.

Studies of Google search results page ranking factors continually highlight the positive influence that Google My Business (and Google+) has on rankings. An active and engaging Google+ page can have a great impact on organic search.

Content posted to your Google+ page can be similar to that posted on your Facebook page. Ideally, you would be looking to gain as much interaction with your follower-base as possible, and have as many followers as possible too.

In future, it is likely that social integration with search will increase. Google is already integrating Tweets into search results, for live content. Social is clearly important to Google, and even though Google+ doesn’t have the numbers that Facebook and Twitter have, it is Google’s own network, so should always be included in a marketing strategy.

And, you never know, you may one day get lucky like Egyptian Repairman Mr Saber El-Toony, who managed to outrank Google for the search term Google, using only his Google+ page.

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