Youngblood is an award winning premium luxury mineral cosmetics line made of natural, finely ground minerals without any of the common irritants found in conventional makeup. The line was developed to allow women with traumatised skin – following cosmetic surgery, laser, acne and rosacea treatments – to achieve flawless coverage. The formulations are so natural and lightweight that they allow skin to breathe and heal.

Established in California in 1996, the brand arrived on UK shores eight years ago and is distributed by our client DermaPure UK.  We were commissioned to deign and build an intuitive and application style eCommerce website that would work well across all devices.  As eCommerce specialists we really ran with this challenge and the results are stunning.


The website was nominated for a CSS Design Award and still more nominations for further awards are coming in.

The entire design is based around the user and their screen.  Visitors can switch on/off the menu and because the website is fluid the same content displays neatly either landscape on a desktop (above) or portrait on a tablet (below) and in any other configuration.


photo 2

The product page is fully interactive and visitors can select the color swatches to change the product as well as view all the technical product information and share on social media.


My screen shots above are stunning but the website is even better in the flesh so pop over to the and take a look for yourself.

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