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In an effort to keep users on its site and services, rather than using competitors, YouTube has announced the launch of YouTube Community. The new feature will allow users to post text and images as well a videos, in order to keep their subscribers up to date with their news.

Currently, the video content keeps channels and subscribers connected, meaning there is a need to use social networks like Twitter and Facebook to generate ongoing discussion.

YouTube has been gaining feedback in recent months, as a number of selected content creators have been able to use the community feature. Yesterday, a public beta of YouTube Community was launched. If you’re part of the public beta yet, then wait for a few months and you will be able to take advantage of the features on your own channel.

On YouTube Channels, there will be a Community tab, which will feature the extra content. Subscribers will see the content on their subscriptions feed and for chosen channels will receive push notifications to their mobile phones. To view some examples of channels that have begun to use the Community feature, click on any of the below:

What does this mean for your business?

If you’re not using the community feature just yet, then it means very little for your business. But when you do use it, think of it as a different stream of communication with your customers, but not in the same way as your Twitter and Facebook channels.

Remember, people who subscribe to your YouTube feed are interested in your videos. Don’t post promotional messages or general business information, only post updates that relate to the videos they see (or will soon see). Post teasers, added value information and extra stories, centred around the content they see in your videos. Use it as a way to keep people engaged, in between videos. This does mean that you will need to post regular videos to keep your other content meaningful. If you aren’t likely to post videos, then YouTube Community isn’t for you.

Whether or not the community feature will take off is yet to be seen, but if you are already using YouTube and creating video content on a regular basis, then this could potentially boost your engagement rates.

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